1. Do not feed the waterfowl.

2. Do not apply fertilizer within 25 feet of the waters edge or any areas that will drain into the lake. If these areas must be fertilized, try using a phosphorus free fertilizer

3. Do not use organic mulches in close proximity to the water.

4. Remove any large tree branches that fall into the water.

5. Do not dump grass clippings from mowing in the lake. Bag mower waste from areas near the water.

6. Do not use the lake as a receptacle for pet or waterfowl waste.

7. Use common sense on trash pick-up days. On windy days make sure that your trash can lids are secure. This applies to the recycle baskets that many municipalities require.

8. Do not introduce foreign exotic fish or plants into the lake.

9. Do not be concerned if you see some aquatic plant growth in the lake. Some is to be expected and desired.

10. Do not feed the fish unless the main use of the lake is for fishing and fish studies have proven the need for it.

11. Do enjoy your lake.

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