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Ken's Pond & Lake Management Services is an expert in algae, submersed weed and cattail control.

Ken's season long control program takes care of your lake or pond from late April through the first week in Oct. Your lake or pond will be visited every two weeks for monitoring and or treatment. This allows me to take care of any current needs as well as to prevent any future problems from occurring. This service also includes unlimited service calls, if a problem arises between normally scheduled visits I will respond to your call within 48 hours and generally within 24 hours. If you have an event or party planned and you want your lake looking great, just let me know in advance and the service schedule will be adjusted so your lake or pond will look its best for your event. Ken's also provides herbicide application services for those who do not desire a season long program.

Herbicides applied by Ken's Pond and lake are US EPA registered and approved for aquatic applications. Chemical selection and dose are determined for each pond and lake following a visual inspection based on the type and amount of vegetation present, water depth, water use, and fish and wildlife concerns. Ken's specially designed spray boat and pumping system insures proper and even distribution of the herbicides in the water column. A written statement of service will be provided to the designated contact at the conclusion of each and every visit to your lake or pond.

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