Why Control and not Eradication?

Your pond or lake is an ecosystem and some plant growth is expected and desired. Aquatic plants provide food, feeding areas, and cover for not just fish but also for frogs, turtles, birds and a myriad of other aquatic and terrestrial organisms. Aquatic plants also provide oxygenation for the water, can act as water clarifies, reduce shoreline erosion and even add to the aesthetic value of your landscaping around the pond or lake. Some species of aquatic plants are more desirable than others. My goal is maintain some plant growth in your pond or lake. By encouraging the more beneficial and desirable species and to control their growth so that it does not become a nuisance. Eradicating all the plant growth is detrimental to your pond and lake ecosystems and can often lead to worse problems. An exception would be a body of water infested with an invasive type of plant so severely that it was preventing native and beneficial plants from growing. Even then eradication may not be appropriate.

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